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Central Medical Consults

**Please do not make  payment for a F2F consult until your records have been approved**

We are experiencing changes  in the health care industry that are providing patients with more accessible health care than ever before. CMC is currently providing service for patients local to Pennsylvania, Texas, and California . We currently do not serve any other areas than those listed, please check with us periodically for service area updates. Patients are required to meet with their consulting physician for an in person evaluation/examination before treatment for their chronic stable non pain related condition can begin. We have designed our business model to not only comply with all applicable laws but also to take several steps beyond to ensure compliance. We have developed, and continue to develop, a network of physicians willing to treat your chronic condition once the requirements of state and federal laws are met. CMC treats chronic but stable medical conditions with approved records such as : Allergies and related conditions, depression, anxiety, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido(only non critical conditions which require non controlled medications will be treated), please note schedule II medications will not be prescribed under any circumstance. CMC Physicians are available for face-to-face consultations after normal business hours AND during weekend hours for your convenience in select locations. No more taking time off work ! CMC has streamlined the medical consultation business using the latest technologies to offer our patients compassionate  health care consultations at affordable prices. Click on the BUY NOW button for 100% secure online payments through PAYPAL, and you don’t need a PAYPAL account to purchase your consult.

**Please do not make  payment for a F2F consult until your records have been approved**

Current Clinics:


Allentown, Pennsylvania

Austin, Texas

Dallas, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

San Francisco, California


Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm EST

 PH: 888-866-9990

Fax: 800-605-3739

eMail:   info@centralmedicalconsults.com







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